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A Letter to the Editor of InsiderNJ from Paige Speziale

Updated: Apr 18

This letter was sent as a response to Bruce James' letter that was published a day ago on InsiderNJ

Dear Editor,

I love my dad, Jerry Speziale, and as you see in my email name, it's evident, as a Dean's List College Student, I use the email  "PaigeDLG" - Daddy's Little Girl who I admire and aspire to be like.

I read the letter by Bruce James in your online paper, which at best, is hypocritical because Bruce James and John Currie had my dad walk door to door for Bruce James and Orlando Cruz last year, every single weekend for hours, as you can see in the evidence attached by the walk invitations, which have my dad's name on them.

John Currie publicly thanked my dad, this year on election night, at the Meat Cutters Hall. What happened to that THANK YOU and all of the false promises made by John Currie.

As a child, I do remember and know that my father as Sheriff was taking my mom, who was dying for trial medication and traveling every few weeks to MD Andersen Cancer Hospital in Texas, spending $15,000 out of pocket that the county medical insurance didn't cover.   

He did that because my dad was trying to save my mom's life. Why, because he's a great dad, man and most of all was the greatest SHERIFF, for all of the people. Dad's a true humanitarian and compassionate to the core.  

Chairman John Currie who we referred to as an Uncle, ate at our home, and even more recently told us he would always have our family's back and be there for us and to never worry. My mom told me all was going to be ok because in 2009 John Currie brought my father to a meeting with Governor Corzine in Newark, where they discussed the possibility of my father transitioning to the Port Authority as the Superintendent from Sheriff because of his knowledge, contacts in law enforcement nationally and to help cover the medical costs of my mother's medication.

John Currie is full of false promises, hopes, and dreams, lies to young kids with a dying mother..... and the people of Passaic County. He lied to me, my older sister, brother and now he needs to tell the truth. Ask yourself why, it's simple, my mother is watching over us all, protecting us and she and GOD know the real truth.

Thank you kindly for your attention to this and please post my letter,

Paige Speziale



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