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Team Speziale Calls on Passaic County Clerk to Immediately Drop Appeal Against Landmark County Line Ruling

Speziale and Running Mates Working to Prevent Gross Waste of Taxpayer Resources to Defend Corrupt, Unconstitutional System

PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ - Team Speziale Democrats for Passaic County, which includes Democratic candidate for Sheriff, Jerry Speziale and Democratic candidates for Passaic County Commissioner Sean Duffy, Derya Taskin and Pedro Liranzo, are calling on Passaic County Clerk Danielle Ireland-Imhof and the Board of County Commissioners to immediately drop their pending appeal in response to yesterday’s landmark ruling against the unconstitutional county line system. Hudson County Clerk Junior Maldonado has already dropped out of the appeal, recognizing that further court action would be a gross waste of taxpayer dollars. 


Team Speziale is releasing the following joint statement: 


“Democracy won yesterday when Judge Quraishi handed down his decision to eliminate the party line, and the last thing the taxpayers of Passaic County want is for more of their money to be wasted on a hopeless appeal. A federal judge, the State Attorney General and people throughout New Jersey all agree that the party line is unconstitutional, and if the County Clerk and County Commissioners continue this appeal they will prove once again that they are nothing more than puppets with their strings being pulled by an unelected political boss. 


Passaic County needs leaders who will be accountable to the people, not the party bosses, and who understand that our taxpayers dollars should be spent on things that people actually need, like education, parks and infrastructure — not legal fees to defend a dying political machine that is gasping its last breath.” 



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