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Speziale: County Commissioners Vote to Hire Non-Union Contractor at Major County Project is a Disgrace

Democratic Candidate for Sheriff Stands With Laborers Union at Meeting, Calls for Change in County Government Approach to Labor Management 

PATERSON, NJ — Democratic candidate for Sheriff Jerry Speziale is calling out the Passaic County Board of Commissioners for approving a resolution hiring a non-union contractor to handle the demolition of the former Passaic County Jail site in Paterson. Speziale attended the Board of Commissioners meeting this week to stand with union members who protested the county’s decision, including leaders from LiUNA Laborers Local 3 and several other local and state unions. Speziale is releasing the following statement: 

“This is a slap in the face to every union member and working family in Passaic County, and it comes just days after the county party decided to endorse a lifelong Republican for Sheriff. The party bosses who control the Board of Commissioners may not care if they are taking work away from the union men and women who built our country or about supporting a Trump Republican for Sheriff, but the Democratic voters of Passaic County sure do. I’m proud to have the support of the Passaic County Building Trades, the Passaic County Central Labor Council and several other labor unions, and both as Sheriff and as a leader in the Democratic Party I will always stand strong with union labor.” 



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