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Speziale Campaign Slams Passaic Dem Bosses for Endorsing Republican for Sheriff

Thomas Adamo is a Lifelong Republican Who Only Changed Party Affiliation in Recent Days After Being Tapped by Currie to Run as Puppet Sheriff 

PATERSON, NJ — Speziale for Sheriff campaign spokesperson Sofia Quintanar is releasing the statement below following the news that Passaic County party bosses have endorsed lifelong Republican Thomas Adamo for Sheriff

"While Jerry Speziale was working hard knocking on doors and helping elect Democrats in Passaic County in numerous campaigns over the last three decades, his opponent Thomas Adamo was a registered Republican. 

Not only is Adamo a lifelong Republican, he comes from a prominent family of Republican politicians in Passaic County. As if that wasn't disqualifying enough, Adamo remained a Republican all the way through the disastrous Trump presidency and only changed his party affiliation in recent days when he was tapped by the party bosses to be their puppet candidate for Sheriff. It's absolutely outrageous that not only is unelected party boss John Currie trying to run a law enforcement agency through his so-called 'new structure' where he calls all the shots, now he’s trying to elect a Republican as Sheriff. 

Passaic County Democratic voters will never support a Republican like Thomas Adamo, and Jerry Speziale is ready to run a strong campaign to win the Democratic nomination for Sheriff."  

Screenshot of Adamo’s voter history record courtesy of voter data platform L2



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