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Speziale Announces County Commission Slate

Duffy, Taskin and Liranzo Will Run as “Team Speziale Democrats for Passaic County”

PATERSON, NJ — Democratic candidate for Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale is announcing the slate of County Commission candidates that will run with him in the June 4 Primary election. Running as “Team Speziale Democrats for Passaic County,” the slate includes candidates for Passaic County Commissioner Sean Duffy, Derya Taskin and Pedro Liranzo. 

“Our entire team believes in a Passaic County that works for everyone and not just the whims of the county machine bosses,” said Democratic candidate for Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale. “It’s clear that the leadership of the county party no longer represents the people — for crying out loud, they even endorsed a lifelong Republican for Sheriff. New Jersey needs to wake up and stop letting a few party bosses dictate to them, and our team is running in this election to bring real representation to the people of Passaic County.” 

Speziale announced his campaign for Sheriff earlier this month and he has since won the endorsements of the Passaic County Building Trades, the Passaic County Central Labor Council, AFSCME Local 2272 and more. 

“I have been around public service my whole life and seen up close the difference we can make for people when we put their interests first instead of following along with the political machine,” said candidate for Passaic County Commissioner Sean Duffy. “Passaic County deserves to be represented by Democrats who share their values about open, honest government that puts people first, not be dictated to by unelected party bosses who don’t represent them. I’m proud to be running for County Commissioner alongside Jerry Speziale and the great team he’s assembled to fight for change in Passaic County.”

The son of longtime Passaic County Commissioner Terry Duffy, Sean Duffy is a resident of Wayne and a married father of three. Sean is a Captain in the Paterson Fire Department and is a former elected member of the Wayne Board of Education. 

“As a woman, a business owner and longtime resident of Passaic County, I am so excited to run for public office to represent the people, not the party bosses,” said candidate for Passaic County Commissioner Derya Taskin. “I am so proud to run on a slate that truly represents the values that the Democratic Party stands for with a leader in Jerry Speziale with a proven track record of keeping our communities safe and treating everyone with dignity, fairness and respect.” 

A successful business owner and immigrant from Turkey, Derya Taskin is the Chief Executive Officer of Taskin Bakery in Paterson along with several other companies and business ventures. Taskin is also a current Commissioner for Paterson’s Public Library and Museum Board of Directors. She is a former Deputy Mayor in the City of Paterson and serves as an executive committee member of the National Coalition of Turkish-American Women Political Action Committee.

“It’s clear that our Hispanic community needs more representation in county government and I’m running to become that voice,” said candidate for Passaic County Commissioner Pedro Liranzo. “For too long, the county party has ignored the needs of our community. I am running because we need a stronger voice that comes from all ethnic groups so that all the people of Passaic County are represented, and I know that with Jerry Speziale’s leadership we will accomplish those goals.”

Pedro Liranzo immigrated from the Dominican Republic in 1992 and has lived in Paterson since coming to this country. He has become a small business owner, a husband, a father of three and a powerful force for the Hispanic community in Paterson. Liranzo is also a former Deputy Mayor in the City of Paterson and formerly served as the city’s Chief Transportation Inspector. 

All three members of Team Speziale were inspired to run for office because of the brazen actions of party boss John Currie, in refusing to consider lifelong Democrats and trying to push through his “New Structure” that involves him making personnel and financial decisions in the Sheriff’s department and throughout the county. Alongside Jerry Speziale, they are running to provide honest, open and transparent government that delivers for everyone.



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