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AFSCME Local 2272 Endorses Jerry Speziale for Passaic County Sheriff

PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ — In a unanimous vote, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 2272 chapter endorsed Democratic candidate for Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale. AFSCME Local 2272’s 200 members work for Paterson’s Department of Public Works, and their endorsement marks the latest in a series of union endorsements for Speziale. 

“City hall employees all face similar challenges and Jerry Speziale has been with us in lock step since day one,” said President of AFSCME Local 2272 Andrew Bryant. “With the stakes being this high this election season, we can’t afford to take our chances with the candidate being put forth by the Democratic party who just changed his voter affiliation last month. Unions support the working class and we know Jerry’s record of supporting working class efforts is unmatched in this race. We look forward to doing what it takes to ensure Passaic County stays in the hands of elected officials who champion the people’s mission.” 

AFSCME Local 2272’s members are active citizens in local politics and regularly lobby City Hall for better wages and working conditions. Their endorsement adds to the Speziale’s campaign’s robust support from organized labor, including being endorsed by President of the Passaic County Central Labor Council Tom Kelly and President of the Passaic County Building and Construction Trades Brian Jackson.

“I’d like to thank my brothers and sisters from Local 2272 for having my back,” said Speziale. “Our municipal employees are the backbone of Paterson and without them the city wouldn’t function. Their dedication to championing workers’ rights only strengthens our cause and propels our spirit of solidarity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Speziale has consistently championed Democratic causes and workers’ rights, most recently speaking out against the decision of the Passaic County Board of Commissioners for approving a non-union contract for a major construction project. Labor unions historically back Democratic candidates and despite the local party’s attempts to support a Republican, the local unions have indicated a preference to support real Democratic candidates like Jerry Speziale in the Democratic primary this June. 



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